There is a peace of mind that comes with achieving your goals and living in a deeper purpose. Do you have glimpses of your purpose, but don't act on it consistently? 

I'd be willing to bet that you're the type of person that refuses to let someone or something in your head hold you back. You’re an achiever and you are smart. You've been through some tough moments and you’ve risen before…and you just want to keep rising

Got some mental or emotional blocks you want to breatkthrough?

Ultimate You is a powerful peak performance and mindset breakthrough program designed for you.  My varied expertise -- from commanding the stage in front of an audience of 10,000 to navigating the victories and failures of running 30 full marathons, to facilitating private coaching breakthroughs for my clients 'space between their ears'. I aim to provide you with the ideal non-judgmental foundation for YOUR transformative experience. 


“The hypnotherapy sessions brought to the surface the ‘Why’s’ of a lot of my feelings and habits. Those sessions are priceless! I can’t explain it completely, but I’d ‘release’ the issue that I had been holding on to and feel peaceful. It’s amazing!”
-Jennifer S., New York

The style of peak performance I use is centered in heart with an air of non-judgment.  In working with me, you'll feel safe, seen and heard. I have personally experienced wide gaps in my growth, from powerlessness to achievement. I know firsthand the internal struggle that came with tumultuous teen years that could have taken my life, overcoming self defeating habits and even breaking thru a debilitating fear of public speaking. I am well versed in the depth of emotions that can truly debilitate confidence. Yet, I am so grateful because these are the very lessons that brought me to facilitating this valuable work for you.

You are meant to overcome. It is the achiever's way, and you my friend are of that breed.

Einstein said, "Do something today that your future self will thank you for."  Change is real so how about you start living your life pushing the outer limits of your full potential?

The goal is the Ultimate You.

The goal of Ultimate You is to wake you up from any current thinking that may be limiting you and shift your action-ability into a new momentum, giving you the transformational boost you need to leap into the higher vision of yourself. 

“After the sessions I felt a weight was lifted and the blocks I was experiencing disapeared.”
- Jobie S., Communication Expert, San Diego, CA

What is that next level you're dreaming about?

Do you see yourself on big stages sharing your message? Facilitating retreats all over the world? Landing that prominent position? Using your story to help others lead better lives?

 I invite you now to a Discovery Session that will allow us to put your goals and aspirations on the table. I'll guide you through my Vital Mind Breakthrough Assessment that will enable you to get crystal clear on exactly what you want to create and the mental blocks that have been in your way. Be sure to bring a notepad as I guarantee there will be lightbulb moments and next step actions you'll want to jot down.

Schedule your Discovery Session Now!

I'm often traveling, speaking to corporations and audiences all over the world. It's so fun! But that means I am very strategic about working with private clients. I schedule only 4-6 private clients every 4 months. Serious inquiries only please. If you feelyou may be ready for one of these spots, schedule a discovery session. Thank you so much. I really look forward to our time together.

To your best life, 


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