We laughed, learned and
experienced the power of the mind.”
-Aflac, Corporate Regional Meeting, Minnesota

Have you ever become distracted, lost motivation to achieve your goals or just plain mental-blocked from your best performance?

Imagine your next meeting to be both fun and informative as you learn the subconscious facets of a Visionary Mindset

60-90 minutes:  Creating an Extraordinary Mindset for Success

How does one pull away from distraction and focus mainly on success?

The solution I share is focused on exactly what you need to do to develop a powerful relationship with the subconscious facets of your mind. Your thinking...habits...internal self beliefs...all the parts of you that must evolve to grow and reach your full potential. 

“De’Anna rocked her talk on Vitality in business.”
-Ursula Mentjes, former past President of CA NAWBO

Twenty years of experience as a Hypnotherapist, Coach and Trainer has provided lucrative insights into the exact steps that make all the difference between those that follow through on their goals and those that get stuck in a cycle that prevents them from experiencing their potential.


Success is available to ALL of us, but we must be disciplined in our personal development. The incomparable Jim Rohn said, "Income seldom exceeds personal development." In my Keynote, I share exactly how to make yourself perform at a higher level of success. 


My process is an applicable model for building 'real' success, whether it's performing at a higher level in business, living in a super fit body or bettering yourself for the relationships that matter. 

Audiences learn exactly how to: 

  1. Manage Emotional Triggers or They'll Manage You: Often we get triggered by our unconscious stuff! Learn how to recognize and manage emotional triggers so you can stay mentally on track.
  2. Learn Exactly How to Use Subconscious Tactics to Increase Performance: Top Achiever's, from sports to business, know how to create visual cues for focus and goal achievement, and leverage the power of habit to create a system. To demonstrate this strategy De'Anna facilitates a self hypnosis demonstration as a tool for powerful visualization techniques that can be practiced daily. De'Anna spoke at a recent travel conference where Fairfield Communities said her mind-power demonstration was "Phenomenal. Unbelievably Believable." 
  3. Innovate Your Action-ability Process and Heighten Your Belief Zone: As an expert in subconscious integration, De'Anna shares a proven process for anchoring high performance thinking into your mind in five minutes or less, and the best part is...you can re-create it on your own. 

Your audience is guaranteed to experience increased motivation and mindset techniques they can implement now, so they never get derailed again. 

I’ve long been interested in the science of the mind. I commend you for offering a creative and varied program. Thanks for the great presentation De’Anna.”

-Don Betzold, Attorney, Former Minnesota State Senate

De’Anna is one of the most effective mindset
and motivational Keynote Speakers I have seen!”
-Eva Mondaca Trujillo, MHM Business Network

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Phenomenal! Unbelievably believable!”
-Fairfield Communities